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Progesterone for Women Over 60

A question that women have for me all the time is: “Barbara, am I too old for progesterone?”

To put it simply: NO!

Despite surviving the hump of menopause and its more disruptive symptoms, it is important to note that progesterone works in ways that you may not always be aware of. Once you reach your 50s, or if you undergo a hysterectomy, your progesterone and estrogen levels start to drop. Even if you “get over” the hot flashes and sweats, your levels are still low!

A lot of women become accustomed to low energy, brain fog, low libido, hair loss, sleeplessness, osteoporosis, and other health issues. Women hear all the time that these symptoms are a normal part of aging, and that they need to deal with it. I am here to tell you that we were NOT designed to suffer. If this is you, consider bioidentical progesterone.

Progesterone is a critical hormone that affects our bodies in various ways. When we go through menopause and our progesterone levels drop, our body has trouble functioning how it is supposed to. Our bodies then experience a domino effect of other declines. We like to call these declines thyropause, osteopause, cardiopause, vasculopause, electropause, somatopause, dermatopause, and immunopause.

Wait- What?!

Yes, ladies. Menopause kickstarts this aforementioned domino effect and our normal bodily functions can slow due to the decline in our progesterone. So, what are these other “pauses?”

Thyropause: caused by a drop in reproductive hormones that lead to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid); could potentially influence ability to lose weight

Osteopause: otherwise known as 'osteoporosis;' occurs when bone mineral density becomes too low and one becomes more susceptible to broken bones/fractures

Cardiopause: the increase of heartrate (could also cause palpitations), with the decrease of heart pumping efficiency

Vasculopause: the blood vessels decreasing in diameter

Electropause: the decrease in brain-processing speed and memory storage

Somatopause: the decrease in muscle mass, muscle-tone, and strength

Dermatopause: the decline in collagen production in the skin, then causing a decrease in skin elasticity and resilience

Immunopause: the occurrence of a weakened immune system; possible heightened allergies and/or sudden eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis

So, as the decline in progesterone can cause these issues, using natural progesterone will help alleviate these issues, too. What starts in our body as a halt in menstrual cycles/ovulation then develops into an abundance of other issues. Lack of progesterone is the common denominator.

If you are experiencing anything mentioned above, you are not crazy, and you are not alone! I have been studying hormones for over 40 years, and I have been using progesterone crème since I was in my 30s. Progesterone has so many different roles in the human body. If your body is deficient in this crucial hormone, it is no wonder you aren’t feeling like your spry, sexy, youthful self!

Progesterone eases the mind, calms the body, feeds the bones, nourishes the skin, supports heart health, and makes you feel GREAT! It is NEVER too late to start progesterone.

The good news is that women over 60 only need to apply a ½ tsp 1x per day. Our hormones aren’t drastically yo-yoing like they used to, so once daily is sufficient for most women. That being said, if that’s not enough for you, add more! You can never use too much progesterone.

So, Barbara… What do I need?!

ProHELP Moisture Treatment Crème

My favorite recommendation to start with is progesterone creme. It contains 1000 mg of bioidentical USP progesterone.

DHEA 10-25 mg

If you want an extra boost for weight loss, libido, and energy, DHEA will be your best friend! DHEA is a hormone that our body has made since puberty. It is a precursor to progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, and it is especially helpful for women over 40 and women who have had a hysterectomy. Women can take 10-20 mg daily, so start on the lower end and you can work your way up if you want! I alternate between the two doses daily.

Phosphatydlserine 100mg (PS100)

If you are like me and you want to have the BEST memory and most youthful brain, phosphatidylserine is the supplement for you. I take 100 mg every day, and you will love it!

5-Hydroxytryptophan 50mg (5-HTP)

For my ladies that struggle with anxiety, brain fog, depression, and sleeplessness, this one is for you! 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is the happy chemical in the brain that regulates mood, memory, learning, and feelings of satisfaction. I take it nightly before bed, and it does WONDERS!

For anyone who is weary about starting natural progesterone, meet Winnie! She is 105 years young; she wears blue nail polish and lip gloss! She is a glam girl! Even at her age, she uses our progesterone crème. You are never “too old” or “too late” for progesterone. Your body was created to function in a healthy way, and we have been making progesterone since puberty. Like Winnie, you will feel GREAT once your hormones are balanced again!

(Pictured above: Winnie, age 105)

If you would like more information and want to watch my video discussing this topic, visit the “Over 60” section of our website.

My hand is in yours, and you can feel GREAT no matter your age!




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