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Weight Loss: Skip the Scale!

As women, we know how easy it is to obsess over our bodies and our weight. The number on the scale is a nasty source of stress for so many of us. What would happen if this year we made it a goal to stop stepping on the scale?

Think about it, you know your body well – Just by looking in the mirror or feeling how your clothing fits, you can pinpoint any changes. So, do you REALLY need to step on the scale in order to mark your progress? If anything, the scale discourages us from feeling confident and loving the body that God gave us. It’s not always about the number!

So, after you get rid of the scale, how can you be sure to effectively lose weight? Specifically, belly weight? I understand this frustration; if I notice a "pooch" in my belly, I get militant....seriously! Many women write to me having the same issue with their belly fat. Of course, diet is something to take a look at, but when you have adjusted your diet countless times and still see no improvement, it might be time to consider something deeper.

The Belly Flat Handbook, was written about this phenomenon. All of the questions and frustration regarding belly fat that will not go away inspired her research into not only nutrition, but how hormones play a role in this.

(You can also find it on Amazon for Kindle ebook download.)

Progesterone creme is definitely key, but what else?

After using progesterone, Barbara’s favorite supplement to take to manage weight loss and belly fat in women over 40 is DHEA. DHEA is a hormone that converts into testosterone. After age 40, testosterone levels in women begin to drop, which then can influence the body’s metabolism and fat storage. Having low testosterone and low DHEA can put your body into estrogen dominance. Estrogen and body fat play off of one another; it can make you hold onto weight, and then the fat cells begin to produce even more estrogen.

This vicious cycle packs on the weight. Without addressing the issue of low progesterone and low testosterone, you will find that the weight will likely not be able to come off with dietary changes alone.

Women should take between 10-20mg of DHEA daily to stay within a healthy range.

So, ladies, together we can skip the scale and create a healthier mindset by using DHEA with our progesterone! We can make changes and LOVE our bodies. Remember that our Barbara is here to assist you with any questions and send you whatever information you need!

For more information on DHEA, email Barbara here: – Ask her for the “DHEA for Women After Menopause” packet! She also has a handout titled “DHEA & Belly Fat” that we recommend looking at, too.

Love Always,

Your Friends at Better Health Naturally


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