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It’s like lions & tigers & bears, NOT FUN!

Sage, extract can help you if you still have hot flashes or night sweats even when using progesterone crème.

Did you know? Night sweats are the nocturnal twins of hot flashes.

What can sage do? It helps balance hormones and prevents sweating. Women have reported a decline in the frequency and severity in their night sweats and hot flashes after using sage. Sage also calms the nerves, so if you are having anxiety, this is a nice benefit.

In clinical studies women reported rapid relief of hot flashes and night sweats within 4 weeks. Hot flashes and night sweats disappeared completely for over 80% of women and anxiety and mood also improved! The researchers found that sage was completely safe.

Sage is available in herbal tea or liquid tincture form.

For Tea: Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 tsp. of dried sage and steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and refrigerate. Drink sage tea cold for the best results. Drink 3 cups per day. Increase it if you are having severe sweats or flashes. But, just 1 serving can cool down some women within 2 days and last for a day or more. But be consistent. Consistency in life is everything!

I personally like liquid sage tincture mixed with juice or another liquid. My favorite is made by HerbPharm. You take 20-30 drops twice daily.

My favorite STUDY: Menopausal women with at least 5 daily hot flashes were given sage for 2 months. With each week that passed, they had a significant drop in number and severity of flashes. In 8 weeks, severe hot flashes decrease by 79% and very severe hot flashes decrease by 100%.

Urinary tract problems also were greatly reduced.

Also, sage is found to boost memory, so you will remember to take it. At our age, that’s a good thing. Don’t throw off those covers another night, you know... leg in, leg out.

No more! Get on the Sage- Coach!



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