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Curb Over Eating…Naturally!

Do you find yourself routinely eating more then you mean to? Struggle with weight gain because you can’t exercise “portion control?” Feel awful about it – but can’t stop yourself from snacking? Have you ever gotten the feeling that food is addictive? You are not alone, so do not “beat yourself up”.

Did you know that the underlying biomolecular mechanisms driving MILLIONS of us to overeat are identical to those that lock people into cocaine and heroin addiction… Yes, they are anxiety, depression, stress, and wanting to “feel better”. Over eating is as much a matter of brain chemistry as behavior. Brain chemistry CAN BE CORRECTED!

HELP FOR YOU; A natural appetite regulator called 5-HTP operates at the neurochemical level to help provoke “satiety” – the feeling of being full.

5-HTP raises serotonin: a neurotransmitter that dramatically decreases feelings of hunger between meals.

When serotonin is low, you will gravitate towards sweet, non-nutritious foods like candy and ice cream or high carb foods. When serotonin is raised, people reported significant declines in feelings of hunger.

Women reported a significant reduction in feelings of hunger before meals. They also experienced a significantly diminished need to snack between meals. The women said they had a 50% reduction in urges to over-eat.

5-HTP is a safe, natural way to reduce caloric intake and induce weight loss. Raising serotonin also helps manage mild to moderate depression and anxiety in humans – disorders that drive emotional eating.

I personally take 100 mg of 5-HTP at night. You can divide your doses and take 50 mg 3 times per day if you wish. I just like the sleep benefits.

Since taking 5-HTP, I eat only when I feel hungry and that’s a big deal because I was a victim of stress/anxiety eating in my past. I prevailed and so can YOU. Mindless eating be GONE! You’re not welcome in our lives.

Here is my favorite product: 5-HTP

If you are interested, here is the link:



Call me or email me if you have personal questions. I promise to answer!

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