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9 Unexpected Symptoms of Menopause

NINE signs of Menopause that you may not know and sometimes makes you panic! Ladies, they are normal.

Menopause, which hits women between 45 and 55 is a natural part of the aging process in women. It is usually indicated by hot flashes and night sweats. However, there are a number of other symptoms which are also very normal. So there is no need to be scared. You can be helped with your bio-identical progesterone crème for those pesky hot flashes and night sweats.

Here are 9 signs you may not know and which are not unusual and no cause for panic. They can all be reversed with hormone cremes.

1. Hair Loss: Progesterone and estrogen strengthen hair and promote growth. As these decline, thinning hair and hair loss can occur.

2. An explosion of tiredness/exhaustion/ depression. You may start crying uncontrollably for no “reason.” This is due to hormonal changes. Don’t let your doctor put you on antidepressants especially when you are only in your 40s! You need progesterone or estrogen. You are menopausal, not clinically depressed.

3) Anxiety: You may experience bouts that can be overwhelming. Your stomach is in knots, you cannot function and some of you cannot leave the house. Don’t fall for anti-anxiety meds. It’s your hormones! Progesterone is the “Happy Hormone.” It can turn anxiety around!

4) Unexpected allergies: As women approach the menopause and hormonal changes begin, the immune system also experiences a change and you can become more sensitive to allergens and start itching, getting scaly skin, have watery eyes and other allergic symptoms that you did not have previously. Doctors will want to put you on immunosuppressant medications which will not cure the issue; in fact once on them, it is extremely difficult to get off. They often make the problem return with a vengeance.

5) Brittle, weak nails. Yes, hormones affect nails! Don’t panic. You need hormones, not acrylics!

6) Changes in body odor. Due to Hot Flashes and Night Sweats, your sweat glands can be overworked and you will find that you smell different. Some women smell “sweeter” some smell more acrid. Again, normal and completely correctible.

7) Burning tongue, dry itchy mouth, a metallic taste or numb sensation in the mouth. This is one of the lesser known side effects of hormone imbalance. This one drives women crazy. Don’t worry... Progesterone can help!

8) A feeling of electric shocks. A drop in hormones directly impacts the nervous system which can trigger electric shock sensations in the head and in the inner layers of the skin. These often occur just before a hot flash. They scare most of you. Some women think they are having a stroke. It is just another sign of Menopause. Don’t panic!

9) Tingling extremities. I get a lot of emails on this one. Women going through the menopause may experience a tingling sensation in the hands, feet, legs and arms as a result of the hormonal fluctuations. Again, hormone cremes can help. Need recommendations? Email me. I will point you in a direction that will not cost you hundreds of dollars.

For anyone looking for an effective all natural progesterone cream, take a look at our menopause moisture cream.

If you are looking for a progesterone only cream, our Pro-Help Moisture treatment cream.

Don’t lose 3-5 years of your life. Stick to your instincts and push back against synthetic drugs that do nothing to address the hormone imbalance. You’re smarter than that!

Love You!


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