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Why do I need it or want it?

Ladies, our hormones are changing / have changed. Let’s not succumb to gaining unwanted pounds, feeling sluggish, losing hair and just feeling OLD. We can detox and Rejuvenate!

How? Let’s UN-JUNK your body. A detox is the best way to rid the body of stored toxins, especially nasty environmental estrogens. I know… when you think of detox you think of days or even weeks. No, no…there is a much simpler way!

1. Cleanse & support your liver…the body’s natural De-toxer.

2. Use DIM to eliminate toxic estrogens that are hormone disruptors.

You will feel more energetic, probably lose weight around the waist and feel more youthful.

Let’s talk about the 2 Steps!

1. Love your liver! It is truly one of your Best Friends! Your liver is known as the Detox Organ. Every day, our liver is working overtime to remove toxins from our body, including from unclean air. Did you know there are toxins delivered by the air? As we get exposed to increasingly more toxins, the liver struggles to remove them all and if the liver cannot keep up we begin to store these toxins in our body fat, particularly our waistlines. The liver is a fat burning organ. If it is sluggish or clogged, you can build up fat around the waistline and even inside your internal organs. If your liver is working well, you can flush the unwanted toxins and fat from your body.

Keep your liver working full tilt with Milk Thistle. Just one tablet a day is all you need.

Milk Thistle can:

  • Cleanse the liver

  • Stimulate production of new liver cells to replace damaged or older cells.

  • Help detox excess estrogens.

  • Protect you from toxic chemicals and pollutants.

Milk Thistle

2. I love DIM for an estrogen detox. DIM adjusts the balance of “bad” estrogens to “good” estrogens” Bad estrogens signal your body to hold onto weight in the hips, thighs and mid-section. DIM also inhibits the formation of new fat cells and stimulates the burning of the fat cells you already have. So…it has detoxifying properties. DIM also blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Only 3 months is all you need.


3 months of DIM Use your Milk thistle continuously to baby your liver.

Milk Thistle & DIM! I take both.

Email me if you have more questions. I am here to help and I promise to answer.



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