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DHEA for Libido

Hello, friends:

I get soooo many emails about low libido and dryness. Well, they go hand in hand.

If you are extremely dry, or even moderately dry, you are not going to be receptive to intimacy because it hurts! Getting relief for this unpleasant symptom is quite important as relationships need intimacy. Also, did you know that regular sexual activity helps maintain healthy vaginal tissue in perimenopause and menopause?

Do NOT wait and wait to address this issue. I spoke with one lovely lady who told me she was so dry that when she got a car and sat on the seat, she could feel her vaginal skin “cracking”, And no one had helped her in 15 years.

No, no, no!

I want to encourage you with some words from your peers.

Here are some emails to share with you. I selected these from many. I do NOT want you to give up.

“I just wanted to let ya’ll know I am doing so wonderful on the Hydration Ovals. I am literally symptom free and feeling wonderful! And I am ecstatically happy. I have made the healthier switch from Premarin to these plant sourced bio identical ovals! SO HAPPY!!!”

“I want to share with you the amazing effects I have had using the Hydration Ovals along with the DHEA Renewed Vaginal Suppositories. I just had my annual checkup with my Gynecologist, and she was so excited to inform me during my exam how "healthy" my tissue is!!! She said she didn't know what I was doing, but for me to "keep it up" because it is working!!! She said I even lost "5" pounds!!! Not sure where that came into play, but I'll take it! :>)”

These next 2 are about DHEA capsules 20 mg

From a Gentleman: “My wife is 43, had a hysterectomy and felt depressed, fatigued, unmotivated then decided to try the DHEA supplements. Now let me tell ya, we have been married over 2 decades and I have never seen her as energetic and peppy. My favorite benefit is how she becomes aroused so easily. DHEA was life changing for both of us.”

“I recently tried DHEA and I have found it to be the best supplement that I ever purchased. It definitely made a big difference in my mood, energy levels and clearer thinking. It saved my life. I was tired, irritable and low libido. Thank you for your informative videos!”

So, if you are dry and/or have low libido, I encourage you to give the suppositories or ovals a try for dryness. AND/OR the capsules for low libido.

Here are our suppositories:

Re-Newed DHEA Suppositories

Hydration Ovals

*These are not online so email me or call my office at (877) 880- 0170


Both of these have been found safe for breast cancer survivors.

Either of these products can help you within 4 weeks!

If you are not dry, but experiencing low libido, just use the DHEA capsules.


10-20 mg for a woman 25- 50 mg for a man


DHEA 25mg & DHEA 10mg


Okay, so maybe you say, “Barbara my doctor gave me Premarin for dryness” .

Well, Premarin is made from horse urine. It is not natural to the female body, but rather to a horse. AND if you use Premarin you need a prescription which, of course, keeps you dependent on your doctor AND often doctors will tell you to stay on it “for life”

This is not necessary to heal vaginal tissue. You can turn things around naturally in 1-3 months.

If you have found success, please let me know of YOUR story.

I LOVE to hear from you AND I can use your words, with your permission, to help other people.

Email me for my Vaginal dryness information

Love You!


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