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Craving Vs. Hunger

Cravings, Cravings…or is it just Hunger? One is normal and one can be a “Beast”.

Let’s talk about Hunger vs Cravings Hunger usually needs food, Cravings want what they want, and they want it NOW. And…it’s usually carbs. But cravings can be controlled and conquered. Let’s see the difference: When you are hungry you want any type of food, when you are craving, you’re craving something specific.

Hunger- is the body’s way of letting you know it needs fuel; it’s a signal.

Cravings- are generally for a particular food or drink. You might have a craving for chocolate, but not be physically hungry at all. Cravings can be brought on by emotions, especially sadness or confusion, hormones, and memories. For instance, you crave foods to help you relax, relieve stress or boredom, soothe anger or cope with loneliness

In other words, a specific food wants to take over and comfort and control. Cravings are mostly caused by negative feelings. Happy people are usually not cravers.

Cravings are usually for foods like chocolate, sweets and fatty foods. They lead to eating that makes you feel good at first, but then guilty. They will increase during a woman's menstrual cycle, so hormones can play a big role. Balance your hormones! They can occur even after you've recently eaten. And most importantly, cravings will pass with time.

Hunger is completely different. Hunger occurs when you haven't eaten for a few hours or more. It results in a rumbling stomach, headache or feeling of weakness. It doesn't pass with time and is not just for one specific food. Hunger can be satisfied by a healthy snack or meal.

Also, if you drink water or tea or coffee you can usually stave off hunger, but NOT those insistent cravings.

Okay, so let’s confess…are cravings a daily part of your life? Are you tired of relinquishing control? What can help you?

I have studied weight control for 29 years. Cravings come from an unbalanced brain chemistry. This is correctible. Here are the study-based cravings helpers. You only need to choose one to start.

My favorite is 5-HTP. I used to be a pasta-a-holic. I would get up at 10 pm because I “heard” pasta calling me from the fridge….and I always had an ample supply cooked and ready. With 5-HTP I totally conquered the siren call of pasta at night. I love it, so I will start there. 5-HTP raises serotonin levels and low serotonin leads to carb & sugar cravings. 5-HTP reduces or eliminates cravings AND enhances your mood. Remember, happy people usually are not cravers.


GABA helps reduce anxiety and enhances mood and can eliminate cravings and food addictions. I love it. I take GABA in the morning and 5-HTP at night. My favorite is called Zen Mind.

ZenMind GABA-Pro

Chromate: a highly absorbable derivative of Chromium This is a master nutrient for controlling blood sugar and levelling out the highs and lows associated with cravings


L-Tyrosine: a vital amino acid that helps regulate emotions. It Promotes feelings of Joy and Satiety. Cravings be gone!


Are you a sweets craver? Avena Sativa: Known as “Wild Oats”. It increases libido in 85% of users AND they report a decreased craving for sweets.

Avena Sativa

Let’s get back to just feeling plain old hungry, where a salad or a nice piece of chicken or fish and some veggies make us happy.

Let’s get those controlling cravings out of our lives! They are ubiquitous, but NOT normal. Correcting brain chemistry is the answer.

We grew up with teachers correcting our homework. Remember that? Oh, boy lots of years ago…but they were there to help us. Let’s get out our own erasers and red pens and correct Cravings. EMAIL me if you need more help.

I put my favorite product links below, but you can just look for similar products/doses in your area.

Love You!


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