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10 Shocking Symptoms of Menopause

Hot flashes are just one well-known sign. Most women expect them. But lower hormone levels can yield some symptoms that women do not expect and that can be shocking to them. Also, these can occur at any time after the age of 35 in the years of pre-menopause.

Let’s talk about them so that you can understand that they are normal and can be corrected with hormone balance.

1. Loss of Breast Fullness is Sign of Menopause

Some women notice after menopause that their breasts are not as full as they used to be or that their bras seem a bit looser. You say, Oh, no. I‘m Sagging! This is because estrogen levels are changing. If your breasts have lost volume and are noticeably sagging, this generally indicates the need for some bio-identical estrogen. Always accompanied with progesterone, of course.

2. Chronic Insomnia – yes, I mean every night. You feel like the walking wounded!

Sleeplessness can be a significant menopause symptom. Your hormones are fluctuating and your melatonin is affected. Circadian rhythm can turn on its head. And, of course, the night sweats don’t help matters. Chronic insomnia can be reversed, but you must be patient with your melatonin use. I had one woman who had not slept through the night in 2 years! But she persevered and in 2 months she got back to normal.

3. Itching, scaly, tight skin causing constant scratching at elbows, knees, arms and legs

Hormone changes affect your immune system AND the elasticity of your skin. Many doctors will want to put you on immune suppressant medications, but this will NOT cure the problem. Hormone balance can halt any unexpected allergies and restore elasticity to your skin, bringing it back to your lovely normal moisture. If its unbearable, I like Psorzema crème to tide you over.

Psorzema Creme

4. A Metallic Taste in the mouth, mouth burning and mouth numbness

You may feel pain or a burning sensation on your tongue, lips, gums, or other spots in your mouths. I get this sometime when I take a break from my crème. It’s so annoying. You may also find that some foods taste different during or after menopause, leaving a metallic taste in the mouth. Again, the culprit is a hormone imbalance. Decreasing hormones can affect your taste buds and make you more sensitive to pain.

5. Sudden Thinning of Hair with clumps coming out in the shower.

Once again, hormones, specifically low hormones. Androgen's can dominate your hormone cascade and you experience male pattern baldness. Keep your hormones balanced. Also, because your skin is drier, your scalp may be dry as well. Try using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and look for brands specially formulated for thinning hair. I also recommend collagen and keratin AND regular massage of your scalp. And be VERY careful with hair when it is wet as that is when it is most vulnerable. Comb with great care.

6. Sudden or dramatic Memory Loss or inability to remember words.

Oh, gosh. Women get so frightened. They think they are getting dementia or Alzheimer's and never consider that it could be hormone related. Did you know that hormones can actually influence language skills? Also the retention of new information and the ability to retrieve existing data that is stored in your brain.You might think you’re going crazy. Another reason for memory issues is the insomnia that often accompanies menopause. It’s harder to concentrate when you’re fatigued, Bio-identical Hormone therapy and regulating sleep patterns will help keep your brain sharp.

7. Gum and Dental Problems

When your hormone levels decrease, your entire body, including your mouth, gets drier, so bacteria can grow, causing tooth decay and making your gums bleed or recede. Yes! This is one of those shocking signs of menopause.

8. Unusual Body Odor

When your estrogen levels drop, your hypothalamus gland gets fooled into thinking you’re overheated and causes you to sweat. Sweating excessively, as during a hot flash, can you to smell different, either pleasant or unpleasant. Some women say they smell more manly, others say they smell sweeter. Hormones to the rescue!

9. Feelings of Light-Headed and Dizziness

Dizziness is not a well-known menopause symptom, but it can be caused by a drop in hormone levels. The signs of dizziness, such as light-headed, a woozy feeling, nausea, and spinning, may come and go at any time. I can tell if I need more hormone crème because I will feel that I am losing my equilibrium….like the proverbial “drunken sailor”

10. Feelings of electric shocks or tingling extremities.

This worries a lot of you because you feel as though you are having a stroke. A drop in hormones directly impacts the nervous system which can trigger electric shock sensations in the head and inner layers of the skin. Some women who get tingling sensations in their feet like to put their hormone crème directly on their feet which is fine because there are actually good receptor sites in the arch of your foot.

Okay, 10 symptoms of Menopause that no longer need to SHOCK you. Don’t panic. And don’t accept synthetic hormones which have their own list of shocking symptoms. Bio-identical hormones for you!

If you need more help concurring your hormone imbalance email me!

Love You!


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